Infidelity to Infinite Possibilities

Hi my name is Kirsty and I am a single mum to two incredible children,

Harry 8 and Ella 5. In 2014 our lives were thrown upside down and we found ourselves from a family of four, changing overnight to a family of three. 

One morning, roughly 3 weeks after our second baby was born my world shattered to pieces. My son brought over his daddies phone to show me something, something I wished I hadn’t seen. Messages upon messages from another woman. Giving him the benefit of the doubt I questioned my husband and believed every single word. Why wouldn’t I? We had been together since 2004, since I was 17! He wouldn’t do this to his family....We spoke about things, he blamed not coping with his mothers cancer diagnosis as a reason to reaching out

somewhere else and we continued on our path. 

Three months later, I received a flurry of messages from another woman. This time I knew something wasn’t right. It was messages that had been sent back and forth between the two of them for months! Even talking about me in some of them, my heart sank. It was then I decided to do something I had never done before. I logged onto his emails and saw he had been creating and deleting Facebook accounts - he didn’t do social media! Or so I thought. There were about 20 messages sitting there to random women he had never met, asking to meet up or send photographs. Who was this man?! Certainly not my husband!! 

I cried, I cried, I cried and I cried. And then I had a conversation with myself, I had two children to be strong for!! So I packed our things and I headed to my parents - and there we stayed for approximately 10 months. I sold the house we shared together and decided that it was time the three of us found somewhere to rent. 

A fresh start I thought!! Yes this was it, this was our time! We deserved it. We made so many happy memories there and then things changed. My husband had turned from a fantastic dad to not bothering about his children, letting them down, making them lie to me. I went into protection mode. I cried, like everyday!! But not in-front of the children. I would cry at night when I was by myself or I would break down to my friends and family, just not knowing where to turn. I hit rock bottom, stressed, not sleeping, losing weight. Just not feeling fulfilled in life. 

Difficulties arose in family matters and unfortunately my husband wouldn’t communicate without the need to attend family court. I was petrified, even more stress!! And how would I pay for this?!! I don’t qualify for legal aid because there is the possibility when I retire that I profit from the small share of my husbands pension...but this is now! I’m 33, work as an event manager around my children and their schooling and activities. How could I afford a solicitors bill?! 

I was then introduced to a network marketing company, which I had actually already worked for back in 2011. I didn’t realize then but this would be one of the greatest decisions of my life. I jumped in with two feet and started sharing this incredible opportunity. My biggest win so far has been the personal development I have absorbed; books, audios, affirmations! Mindset is everything and I got stuck in a  everything I could. This completely changed my life and my outlook. There wasn’t a dark cloud surrounding my world anymore, I wasn’t blaming my ex husband for our downfalls, I had everything in perspective. I started to appreciate everything and everyone in my life.

I openly admit I struggled big time adjusting to life as a single mum with a huge cloud hanging over me. I felt guilt, even though it wasn’t necessarily “my fault”, but the guilt was there, I didn’t want my children to be another statistic, to feel isolated or to struggle in anyway because their parents were no longer together. I have overcome these insecurities, I no longer let anything effect me! I use daily positive affirmations, 5 minutes of meditation and consistently read or listen to audio books connected to personal development. I am a better person, a better friend, a better parent and have the BEST outlook on life all thanks to the introduction to the people I have found during my Arbonne journey. 

My two amazing children have been the center of my why since we became a family of three over five years ago. Everything I do, I do for them. We have become closer, we have each other’s backs and I am so incredibly proud of them. Is each day full of happy times, singing, dancing and laughter?? No! Sometimes it can be stressful, tears and tantrums but we learn to deal with it, adjust and move on. It is however full of gratitude and love. 

I hope my story can help and always know there is someone willing to listen. Look back only to see how far you’ve come and look up to see where life can take you. 

Kindest Regards

Kirsty Mussett

Kirsty Mussett IG: @kirstymussett_

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